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Norma Holland

The Comfort of Home

Our annual fundraiser was to take place at the end of April, to celebrate A Decade of Dreaming. Instead, we stayed home, as a community.

The comfort of home is something we may sometimes find ourselves taking for granted. Home is exactly what Home Start Hope is all about. Women and their kids right here, right now, are moving into safe homes and need our support today more than ever! But we can’t do it without you. Without your help, we’d be taking a big hit in our ability to help these women and their families due to our inability for this important fundraiser.

But, we are bringing a portion of the program to you – our emcees Norma and Andrea Holland made a fun video we’d love you to watch.

Stay home, stay safe – and help women and their families do the same right now.

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Kristin Mathis, Founder, Home Start Hope