Our Vision...

to be a leader in restoring hope, rebuilding self-esteem and empowering women on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Support and Growth

The more we grow, the more we give

Home Start Hope provides brand new, essential household items to women and their children transitioning to independent living from emergency shelters in Rochester, NY.  At Home Start Hope we serve women who have experienced homelessness including veterans, women recovering from addiction and survivors of domestic violence.

Home Start Hope is a house in the city where women select brand new kitchen, bedroom and bathroom essentials. Women choose everything they need to start over in their new home completely  free of charge. It may seem like a small thing, picking out towels or bedding, but for women who are starting over, it’s so much more than that. It’s about a new beginning, a sense of ownership and sense of HOPE for a brighter future. When they feel settled at home, they can focus on their families.

Since 2010 we have met the needs of more than 300 women and children. Over 90% of money raised goes directly to purchasing items to stock our shelves.  Your donation ensures Home Start Hope can continue to provide this life changing experience for even more women and children.

Making a Difference

Gift of Hope

How we help

Provide Goods

We provide women much needed items such as blankets, pillows, towels, and dishes.  They are starting off with nothing, and with your help can get the essentials they need to make a fresh start on life.

Provide Support

We work directly with five organizations, focused on helping women who are recovering from some pretty awful places.  Their mission is not small, and we step in to provide a much needed resource by helping women as they transition to independent living again.  

Provide Hope

Starting all over again can be devastating. Giving women these essentials helps rebuild their self-esteem and gives them hope for a better future. They don’t feel so alone.

Provide Awareness

Our donations come largely in part from events we hold, focused on bringing awareness to these needs. With so many supportive people coming together in the community around us, we continue to grow through spreading our message of hope. 

Get in touch

If you are ready to help and make a difference in the lives of some women and children in the Rochester area, please get touch with us.

How to Donate