Only Together

can we make a difference

Our Women

Our story really begins with our women. Each of them unique, yet each of them in need of some help. The more we meet the women, the more we realize that they are not that different from us. Take a wrong turn in life, or fall down on some luck and we all fall down. Having somebody there to help you get back up makes all the difference. At Home Start Hope, we serve women who have experienced homelessness including veterans, women recovering from addiction and survivors of domestic violence.

Community Partners

Home Start Hope partners with Bethany House, Coldwater House, RAIHN, Tempro Emergency Shelter and Willow Domestic Violence Center

  • Community Partners refer women to HSH once they are ready to transition into independent housing.
  • Together they complete our application and schedule an appointment to visit Home Start Hope.
  • Home Start Hope volunteers help them select all they need for their new home.

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Stories of Hope

Where your gift goes

Humble beginnings

Welcome Home

Starting with nothing is a scary place to start. Over 90% of all donations that Home Start Hope receives go directly towards purchasing the essential items for women and children who need a fresh start.

Starting over again, the women we help have no money for goods that many of us take for granted. When your first paycheck has to go for food, but you have nothing to cook with. When you want to get ready for your first new job but don’t have bath towels to take a shower with. We help give these women a fresh start.

The gifts we give, provide more than material goods alone. In every fresh start we provide, we help rebuild a piece of hope and self-esteem for our women. Many of the women we help have been through some pretty traumatic experiences. We make sure they do not go through it alone.

From those we help