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User = first name.last name (ex:

Hashtag: #BowlforHope



Home Start Hope is raising money to support families in need right here in our Rochester community! Imagine if you didn’t have a clean towel or a warm blanket; that’s the case for many families right now and YOU can make a difference. *Insert link, tag friends in post, tag Home Start Hope*.

You may or may not have heard of Home Start Hope, so let me give you a brief rundown: They’re a non-profit organization here in Rochester who support women and families overcoming homelessness and other extreme hardships by providing them with all the essential household items they need to begin again. Join me in helping them make a difference in someone’s life today! *Insert link, tag friends, tag Home Start Hope*.


*Post a meaningful picture that shows why the cause is important to you*

I support Home Start Hope because__________________. We could use your help! Donate to my bowling team so families can get a fresh new start! #BowlForHope, tag friends participating, tag organization, tag @homestarthope.

*Post a picture of your friend, or you and your friend* *add the donation link to your bio*

My friend @Name and I have committed to raising $_____ for our community for Home Start Hope’s Bowl For Hope Virtual Fun-Raiser. We can really use your help! Check out the link in my bio to find out how you can support us and this amazing organization! #BowlForHope, tag friends, tag organization, tag @homestarthope.


I have committed to raising $$$ for Home Start Hope, and I could use your support! 
(Insert personal fundraising link) #BowlforHope

I’m almost at my goal! Help a [girl/guy] out and together we can give a kid a warm blanket this winter.
(Insert personal fundraising link) #BowlforHope


I am proud to say that I’m a supporter of Home Start Hope.

This local non-profit organization provides families in need with all the essential household items they need after experiencing homelessness. This year, since we can’t participate in the annual bowling fundraiser, we’re taking our efforts online! 

For me, I support this organization through this fundraising event because the funds go directly toward purchasing household essentials like dishes, pots & pans, towels, bedding and so much more, that we all take for granted every day. You can find out more about them at

This year, the goal is to raise $10,000. Will you join me?

I have set a personal goal to raise $______ and would be so grateful for your support! Every dollar counts towards helping these women and children start their new chapter on a positive foot.

(Insert personal fundraising link)

Thanks in advance!

It’s also very helpful to send a quick text to your supporters with the link to your direct page. It’s quick and easy for them to donate!